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We at Lean Being not just aim at achieving the specified health goals, but also focus on educating and empowering you on the right nutrition based knowledge so that you don’t fall prey to diet trends or crazy food fads and handle your own body in the best way. Pearl totally focuses on getting her client to achieve this goal and also make the process as smooth and realistic as possible, keeping in mind your food preferences. Our founder believes that eating well is a sign of self-love and therefore, one must remember that it is not necessary to follow all diet plans and strict exercise regimes- Follow a plan that works FOR YOU! Don't be afraid of failure, it's just a hurdle on your journey to optimum well-being. Eat well, don’t starve yourself!

“If you’re looking for a health expert with passion, enthusiasm and deep expertise, you’ve come to the right place.” It's a rare combination trait you can look forth to!

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Our Nutritional Plan is been divided into different time intervals and follows a 3 step process and it starts precisely with your dream /your health and wellbeing objectives and comes full circle towards its accomplishment.

Detailed Assessment
First Step
Detailed Assessment

Body composition, Biochemical parameters, Dietary routine, Training pattern & activity of the day are assessed to help set optimum goals.

Second Step

A customized nutrition plan based on health goals is tailored as per your food preferences and this is followed by frequent follow ups.

Third Step

By now, with the hope that you see how your body truly functions, you will be progressively mindful to settle on the foods that suit you!

Nutrition Program



Nutrition & Sports – Fueling Your Performance with the Winning Connection

If you're a beginner, a keen amateur athlete, or a professional athlete, Lean Being will help you meet your sporting objectives of preparation and success by delivering tailored sports nutrition advice.

From improving energy levels to quicker recovery, boost immunity, prevention from an injury, fat loss and muscle gain, nutrition for actual competition (pre- competition, post- competition, during the competition, off season), nutrition for speed and endurance training, sports management nutrition plan for specific sports along with individualized goal as athletes of different age groups, type of sport and background, competition levels, daily training routines have different energy and nutrient requirement.

All sports are becoming increasingly unpredictable and highly competitive. More emphasis is put on how well you perform to achieve your ideal target. Nothing is more important than your well-being and skilled ability to perform than healthy diet. Your sport defines the food you eat. So, if you categorize yourself as a sports person and you want to earn that winning point on the field, Lean Being will help you accomplish the target.



Children are the future of this country! Let’s take care of their nutritional needs

Healthy food is important for the growth and development of a child. The Five Food Groups are the Food Pyramid's building blocks for kids. To develop and remain healthy their body requires these nutritious foods. By diversifying the menu and offering a range of delicious and nutritious foods, you not only provide your child with healthier nutrition, but also promote better eating habits to move on with life.



“Food, like your money, should be working for You.”- Rita Deattrea Beckford.

If you spend your money and time getting something done, its best to deliver results whether it’s fat loss or healthy weight gain (Combination of fat and muscle).

Most of us fall prey to the extreme diets leaving us cranky and hungry, unhealthy lifestyle choices that undermine our dietary efforts, and emotional eating habits that stop us from getting started because of lack of knowledge of the scientifically accepted concepts.

Lean Being will help you build new eating habits and preferences by making healthy decisions that will leave you feeling happy and winning the battle to achieve your goals



“Take care of your body it’s the sole place you’ve got to live” as health conditions are treated and controlled by what food you choose to eat

You are safe and beautiful as long as you feel satisfied, contented, fit, energetic and able to practice the daily regimes that you should at your age without any biochemical deficiencies or disease presence! The quick life of today, though, has ensured financial security, has deteriorated our health at the same time. If it is prevention or cure, get the best advice at Lean Being.


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